Healthcare is our mission. Doing it better is our promise.

Scan40 years of experience providing state of the art care to Maryland. We maintain a waiting time averaging less than 20 minutes.


Our care includes:

      • Primary Care Ages 12 and over: our staff includes Male and Female Primary Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants in 3 offices across Calvert County, MD
      • Specialty Care, including Allergy, Endocrine, Gastrointestinal, Geriatric, Heart, Infectious Disease, and Lung specialists
      • Same Day Appointments available with your Primary Practitioner during Regular Office Hours Monday – Friday
      • Extended Hours for urgent visits: Prince Frederick office remains open as needed Monday – Thursday until 8 p.m.;  all 3 offices are open every Saturday from 9 a.m. until noon
      • On Call Practitioner available by Phone 24/7
      • Our Patient Portal allows you to access your most recent visit test results online, as well as appointment scheduling, emailing your doctor, and sending us refill and referral requests. In order to access the Portal, you need to come to any of our three offices during regular office hours for a token.  This assigned password cannot be provided to you over the phone.

Our onsite services include:

      • Allergy Skin Testing and Injections. Click here for Injection Hours for each of our 3 offices
      • Blood drawing (ordered from our Practitioners only) and Injections (immunizations, B12, medications) are available at all three offices. Click here for Blood Drawing hours for each of our 3 offices
      • Dermatologic and Rheumatologic Treatments: Skin Lesion Removal and Steroid Joint/Tendon Injections
      • Fingerstick Coumadin Testing with immediate results
      • Physicals (General, DOT, School, Sport, FAA, Employment)
      • Testing: Treadmill Stress Testing, Vascular Ultrasound, Holter Monitors, EKG’s, Spirometry Lung Testing, Pulse Oximetry, Bone Density Testing, Thyroid Nodule Aspiration
      • Sleep Studies: Sleep Specialty consults are available at the Prince Frederick office, and our sleep lab is just across the street. Contact us for a consult or study
      • Vaccines: Flu, HPV (Gardisil), Hepatitis A and B, Meningitis, MMR, Pneumonia, and Tetanus

Career Opportunities: we are currently hiring! 


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