Prince Frederick

110 Hospital Road, Suite 310, Prince Frederick, MD 20678 * 410-535-2005 * 301-855-1644

Located in medical office building adjacent and at the front of Calvert Memorial Hospital on Routes 2/4 slightly north of Prince Frederick.

How to get there:

Physicians at Prince Frederick

All physicians of Calvert Internal Medicine work at Prince Frederick at least one day of the week. (Click on names for information)

Internal Medicine
John Barth, M.D.
Eric Berg, M.D.
David Gallatin, M.D.
Jonathan Lowenthal, M.D.
Tara Mendonca, M.D.
Glynis Moody, M.D.
John Weigel, M.D.

Allergy/Internal Medicine
Jonathan Fears, M.D.

Infectious Diseases/Internal Medicine
Lalita Chulamokha, M.D.*
Paul Pomilla, M.D.*

*These physicians are available only at the Prince Frederick office.

Bloodwork and Allergy Injection Hours for Prince Frederick Office

Cassius Belfonte, M.D.*
Samuel Foster, M.D.*

Julie O’Keefe, M.D.*

Yvonne Bright, M.D.*
Dolores Rhodes, M.D.*

Nurse Practitioners
Elizabeth Bissett, C.R.N.P
Tiffany Gaines, C.R.N.P
Cynthia Grandjean, C.A.N.P.
Catherine Heilig, C.R.N.P, C.D.E.

Physician Assistants
Jessica Jones, PA-C

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