LPN or Certified Medical Assistant

Typical Job Duties
• Perform subcutaneous injections along with verifying identity, vial and dosing
• Help patients with any questions or concerns regarding their allergy serum.
• Train new hire medical assistants with administering allergy injections.
• Review and write in next dose after each shot is given
• Make allergy serums once a week. Initiate order for serum, check for signed consent before making serum.
• Obtain authorization and submit billing for serums
• Keep a patient log of pending and completed serum.
• File new allergy schedules in patient’s folder.
• Check for expired serums, testing materials and extracts
•Check mini allergy emergency bin
• Check messages in EHR daily and respond/document

Educational/Knowledge Requirements:
• Current LPN Licensure or Certified Medical Assistant
• Experience in Allergy/Immunology Preferred
• Minimum of 3 years of clinical physician office experience preferred.
• Strong professional level of knowledge
• Ability to interact with physicians and other health care professionals in a professional manner
• Maintains current CPR certification

Job Type: Full-time

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