In order to register for the new Patient Portal, you will need to call or visit one of our offices to receive an activation code.That’s right, we can give you a code over the phone! Give us a call – (410) 535-2005.You will also find helpful videos below to walk you through the registration process on mobile, as well as desktop.

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Patient Portal Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I change the date when registering for the Patient Portal?
Below you will find an image depicting and Apple iPhone and an Android (left & right respectively)

  • On an iPhone simply use the selectors and scroll until you are able to select your month, day and year of birth. Then simply tap on the next box that requires information.
  • On Android, simply tap on the year, in this case, 2018. Select the year you were born and then select the month and day. Once you have selected your birth year, month and day, tap “SET”.

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