Welcome to our Diabetes Page

We take pride in caring for patients with Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes.

If you are newly diagnosed with Diabetes or prediabetes or, are at high risk for Diabetes, then keep reading. Our providers and staff will work with you to manage your diabetes. A personalized care plan, based on your individual healthcare profile will be developed. Different approaches may be needed depending on whether you’re diagnosed with type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Every patient has unique healthcare needs, so we don’t use a one size fits all approach. Our approach ensures people with pre-diabetes or diabetes get education, care, and prevention management.


Several treatment options can be considered based upon your individual needs, tolerance & side effects. We encourage you to discuss all available options with your provider. At your initial visit, please bring a list of all the medications you are currently taking including ones you may have tried in the past, or other therapies attempted. Please document to the best of your knowledge when & why they were stopped(e.g., cost or intolerance).​​

As a practice we encourage our patients with pre-diabetes to enroll in the free Diabetes Prevention Program through the Calvert County Health Department. You can self-refer to this class simply by calling 410-535-5400 x357 or x355. If Calvert County is not local for you, other County health departments offer similar classes; we can help you locate one!

For patients newly diagnosed with diabetes, we encourage enrollment in an ADA certified diabetes education program at Calvert Health Medical Center, simply by calling 410-414-2778. This program DOES require a provider referral and often has patient copays, depending upon your insurance. If Calvert County is not local for you, other hospitals offer similar classes; we can help you locate one! For those with Daibetes who are interested in a refresher course, the CHMC and CCHD offer such classes.


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